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Originally Compiled and Written by Jonathan Bennett; Additions: David Bennett


Christian art has a long history. Christian art has both a liturgical and secular history. Although Judaism has generally opposed depicting humans in art, the Church, believing in the fullness of the Incarnation (God entering into, and redeeming, the physical world), embraced images in worship. Also, the prominence given to symbol in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions naturally led to the production of religious art, much of which has even been displayed in Christian sacred space.

The truth of an event is many times more powerfully conveyed through symbol, than through words alone. This is not to devalue words, just to recognize that there are different ways by which we know God and understand Christian truths.

In the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, and in many Protestant traditions as well, the reality of the Incarnation and the value of symbolism have ensured a wonderful Christian artistic tradition. We have compiled various works of Christian art, grouping them by season, theme, person, etc. This is an ongoing project and will be regularly updated to include some of the best and most famous art, and some original art. Some works listed here come from the incredible efforts of Carol Gerten. Please visit her site and support her effort. All works of art hosted on our websites are believed to be in the public domain.

Let the beauty of these works and the symbols they contain deepen your faith in a way that words often cannot.


The Birth of John the Baptist (D. Ghirlandaio)
St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness (Limbourg Brothers)
St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness (H. Bosch)
St. John the Baptist Entering the Wilderness (G. Di Paolo)
Sleeping Christ with Zacharias and St. John the Baptist (Cagnacci)


Christmas Morning (Maxfield Parrish)
The Nativity (F. Barocci)
The Nativity (Robert Campin)
Mystical Nativity (Botticelli)
The Nativity (G. Hornebout)
Nativity (1888) (Burne-Jones)


Epiphany (H. Bosch)
Halt of the Wise Men (John LaFarge)
Adoration of the Magi (Botticelli)
Adoration of the Magi (Correggio)
Adoration of the Magi Triptych (Bosch)
Adoration of the Magi (Rubens)
Marriage Feast at Cana (Juan De Valdes Leal)
Adoration of the Magi (Angelico and Lippi)
Star of Bethlehem (Burne-Jones)


Temptation of Christ (Botticelli)
St. Thomas of Villaneuva Distributing Alms (Murillo)
Praying Shepherd (Pieter Bruegel II)
The Fast Day Meal (Chardin)

Holy Week

Christ's Entry Into Jerusalem (Giotto)
Christ Washing Peter's Feet (Ford Maddox Brown)
Christ On the Cross with Mary Magdalene (Signorelli)
Deposition From The Cross (Fiorentino)
Christ Carrying the Cross (El Greco)
Lamentation at the Tomb (Van der Weyden)
Jesus at the Tomb (Jean-Jacques Henner)


He is Risen! The First Easter (Arthur Hughes)
The Morning of the Resurrection (Burne-Jones)
Resurrection (Albrecht Altdorfer)
Noli Me Tangere (Correggio)
Easter Procession at St. Mark's (Prendergast)
Icon of the Resurrection (Obermeyer)
Icon of the Resurrection (Traditional)


The Ascension (Giotto)
Icon of the Ascension (Traditional)
The Ascension of Christ (Dali)


Pentecost (Egg Tempera on Poplar) (Giotto)
Descent of the Holy Spirit Icon

Our Lord

Christ Driving Traders from the Temple (El Greco)
Christ and the Woman of Samaria (Juan de Flandes)
Yellow Christ (Paul Gauguin)
The Blessing Christ (Raphael)
Light of the World (Holman-Hunt)
Head of Christ (DaVinci) (ed.- I was fortunate enough to see this while in Melbourne and it is mesmerizing)

The Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady)

Icon of the Annunciation (Anon)
The Annunciation (Fre Filippo Lippi)
The Annunciation (Jan van Eyck)
The Virgin with Angels (Bouguereau)
Birth of the Virgin (Albrecht Altdorfer)
Virgin and Child (Luis de Morales)
Coronation of the Virgin (Fra Angelico)
Madonna Worshipping the Child (Correggio)
Assumption of the Virgin (Murillo)
Madonna of the Meadows (Raphael)
Icon of the Dormition (Theophanes the Greek)
Theotokos of Vladimir Icon
The Immaculate Conception (Murillo)

The Holy Family

Holy Family Icon
The Holy Family (Claudio Coello)
The Holy Family (Pompeo Batoni)
The Holy Family (Peter Paul Rubens)


St. John's Church (Bridgewood)
Interior of a Church (de Witte)
Church at Auvers (van Gogh)
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Ground (Constable)
Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (Constable)

God's Handiwork

The Garden in Flower (Monet)
Riverbank in Autumn (Parrish)
Mountain Farm at Winter (Parrish)
Genesee Valley Landscape (Asher Brown Durand)
Landscape With Oak Tree (Alexandre Calame)


All Saints Icon (Anonymous)
The Last Judgment (Sistine Chapel) (Michelangelo)

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