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About David Morrison

Born in 1953 David was, like his friends the Bennetts, raised in Appalachian Ohio in a Christian family with strong roots in the English spiritual tradition, both Anglican and Wesleyan. However, he considers it a wonderful fortune that there were also many Roman Catholics in the extended family, several of whom were nuns and priests with whom he was particularly close. Religion was an open topic of discussion among his family and there was a free exchange of pious practices with the happy result that he absorbed a very "ecumenically catholic" view of Christianity.

In 1971 he began attending DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies (with a 2nd major equivalency in German Studies). While at DePauw he joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon, where he was chaplain for two years, and also became very involved in the spiritual awakening that was then sweeping college campuses in America. In his life, that awakening manifested itself in participation in the Anglican-Roman Catholic Charismatic Renewal and in local prayer ministries. In addition, for three years several of his friends and him from the local Episcopal Church and Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) joined together daily to recite the Divine Office and of that group there were three, including himself, who lived under modified monastic vows.

After DePauw he continued studies at Indiana University in Linguistics but kept feeling drawn to "something more." This led to further theological study under several clergy and an active search into a possible monastic and/or priestly vocation. During these years he taught English and German, and privately tutored in several other languages. While his spiritual search did not lead to either monastic or priested life, it did lead to the Eastern Orthodox Church where he was received into full communion in the mid 1980s. Recently he has begun attending the Catholic Church of his youth. Now living in Western Washington State, he attends Assumption Catholic Church, teaches English as a second language, tutors in other languages, and is working on several self-instruction manuals for foreign language acquisition.

Communion: Catholic
Current Reading: The Reformed Imperative (John Leith), The Healing Power of Christ (E.G.Neal), Crossing the Threshold of Hope (His Holiness, John Paul II)
Music: Liturgical (Eastern and Western), classical, jazz, and "world music" (Andean, Polynesian, Native American, Celtic, African)
Favorite Movies: "Champs d'Honneur," "Manon of the Spring," "Golden Child," "Father Goose," ALL "Indiana Jones" films, the BBC "Poirot" series with David Suchet, "Pelican Brief", "Jesus of Nazareth"
Favorite Programs: "Murder She Wrote," "America's Most Wanted," anything on The History Channel, various choice works on the Hallmark Channel
Other Interests: travel, Native American history and culture (I am part Shawnee), camping, alternative healthcare and holisitic healing, writing, historic site preservation, ecology. Animals are a huge part of my life and I feed and interact with a talking crow and his flock, several squirrels, a large flock of pigeons, some deer, and a raccoon, besides my household pets.
Current Studies: modern Greek, Hopi language and culture, the sermons of St. John Chrysostom
Languages: German, Afrikaans, Spanish, Portuguese, Romany (Gypsy), Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Hawaiian (currently teaching to students), Norwegian. Less fluently, some 10 others.

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