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Here are a few links we like. We have categorized our links in order to be entirely clear as to the content of each page. We do not necessarily endorse all the views of the sites to which we link, especially the Non-Catholic ones. In the interest of dialogue, we have included non-Catholic sites when they contain helpful and/or ecumenical information, although be aware they are coming from a non-Catholic perspective.

Catholic Sites

The Vatican
Categories: Catholic, Hierarchy
This is the official site of the Vatican. There are loads of Catholic documents here, in a variety of languages, for free! This is definitely a site all Catholics must visit again and again.

Multi-Language Texts of Christian Writers
Categories: Catholic, Documents
This site contains a huge number of Catholic documents in a variety of languages. This includes Church Fathers, medieval writers, and documents from Church Councils. This site will keep those interested in Church history very busy for quite awhile.

Total Possibility
Categories: Catholic, Blog
This is the website of Fr. Joshua Wagner. It contains his thoughts, homilies, and inspirational ideas. Have a listen to the excellent homilies, that some of us are fortunate to hear regularly in person!

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Categories: Catholic, Hierarchy
This is the official website of the United States Catholic Bishops. There is a lot of helpful material here.

St. Peregrine Cancer Information and Support Network
Categories: Catholic, Health
This is a site that we operate related to cancer, from a Catholic perspective. Since several members of our staff have relatives who have suffered from cancer, we decided to start a place for information about cancer (spiritual and physical). Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this site is on hiatus. However, we have left older materials up.

Christ Music
Categories: Catholic, Music/Worship
Christ Music is a site dedicated to "music ministry for the new evangelization." The music is a blending of ancient and modern, fostering Eucharistic devotion and personal spiritual development. They have a goal similar to our own, and are wholeheartedly dedicated to the Church and Her Teachings. Check them out!

Writings of the Church Fathers
Categories: Historical Documents, Catholic
This site is a huge resource, containing free online versions of the entire 36 volume Church Fathers set. Seminary students take note, because this site can save you much money instead of buying textbooks.

Holy Spirit Interactive
Categories: General Information, Catholic
This site provides a wealth of information about the Catholic faith by a variety of authors. This is an excellent source of information.

Cardinal Newman Society
Categories: Informational, Catholic
The Cardinal Newman Society is a national organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic identity in Catholic higher education in the United States. As such, they keep a close eye on Catholic higher educational institutions, and offer resources for renewal on Catholic campuses.

Eternal Word Television Network
Categories: Informational, Catholic
EWTN is a popular orthodox Catholic TV network, but they also have a comprehensive site with a lot of Catholic educational material. Their page is always worth checking out for accurate information about the Catholic Church.

Catholic Conservation Center
Categories: Informational, Catholic
This is a nice site that explores environmental issues from an orthodox Catholic perspective. Loyal to the Magisterium, the webmaster provides many biblical, historical, and current magisterial documents relating to the environment and conservation.

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
Categories: Education Association, Catholic
This is an association of Catholic Scholars dedicated to the truth of the Catholic Church. They firmly believe in the teaching authority of the Church and want their scholarly pursuits to further the Catholic faith, to the glory of God. The scholarship in their journal is excellent, and definitely worth reading.

The Catholic Report
Categories: Catholic News, Catholic
This is the Drudge Report for the Catholic World, providing us with all sorts of Catholic news updated on a regular basis. It is important for Catholics to know what is going on in the world and in our own Church. How can we respond to the issues if we don't know what our own Church is doing? The Catholic Report takes care of the reporting for us.

Catholic Online Greeting Cards
Categories: Entertainment, Catholic
It is always fun to send online greeting cards, but now it is even more fun! This site allows us to send cards to our friends for just about every occasion, including church holidays that secular sites ignore (like Lent, Trinity Sunday). We have sent many of these ourselves, and their site is highly recommended.

The Liturgy of the Hours
Categories: Liturgical Resource, Catholic
This site has the Liturgy of the Hours of the Catholic Church online, laid out in an easy-to-use .pdf format, arranged by day. A slightly different HTML version is available at Universalis (Liturgical, Catholic).

De Cura Animarum
Categories: Blog, Catholic (Also Anglican)
This is a blog run by Anglo-Catholic Anglican Fr. Jeffrey Steel, and two Catholic contributors, including Fr. Al Kimel, the Pontificator. It is a nice site that looks at a variety of Catholic topics and issues.

From East to West
Categories: Eastern Catholic, Eastern Churches, General Information
This site explains some of the issues and differences between East and West, from an Eastern Catholic perspective (that is from the perspective of those Eastern Churches in communion with the Catholic Church). They do a great job explaining why East and West might not be that far apart, and they are very charitable to the Orthodox as well. Their FAQ is very helpful.

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Orthodox Sites

Saint Pachomius Library
Categories: Information, Original Writings, Orthodox
This library has information about a variety of Eastern and Western Christian writers, and many of their works. While they are coming from an Orthodox perspective, they are charitable and fair towards Western Christians.

Sites From Other Churches

Chronic Hope Ministries
Categories: Support Ministry, Protestant
This page, developed by a good friend of ours, is designed for the chronically ill. Its purpose is to provide a forum for Christians with chronic diseases, as well as help heal those who have been abused by incorrect teaching regarding the nature of illness (i.e. dispelling myths that "you are only sick because you don't have faith.").

Lectionary Sermons and Sermon Illustrations
Categories: Educational, Ecumenical (Editor: Lutheran)
This is a highly useful page for all of us who give sermons on a regular or semi-regular basis. The beauty of this page is that it is categorized by the Revised Common Lectionary. Most major churches (Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, etc) have lectionaries that are similar to the RCL. This makes preaching from the lectionary a less daunting task, and assures that while we preach the whole Bible over three years, we will also have good illustrations to go with our sermons.