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Per Christum by Ancient and Future Catholics Contributors
We now have a group blog, where various contributors post thoughts related to our page vision. Topics include: sane ecumenism, book reviews, worship, and more. We are now 14 members strong, with one of the most diverse group of orthodox Catholic bloggers in the Catholic blogosphere! We even have a few Eastern Catholics for good measure.

Life in Your Years Blog by David Bennett, Jonathan Bennett, etc
While not specifically Catholic per se, this new blog of David and Jonathan Bennett (and wives), provides information about health, finance, home life, and balanced living. The themes are rooted in their Christian understanding of life, which encourages balance and simplicity.

Winterr's Words by Carmel Brizzi
A blog about life issues, and commentary on other general religious and Catholic concerns by revert to the faith, Carmel Brizzi. Carmel often comments on current events from a Catholic perspective.

Blue Maiden: Totus Tuus by Jennifer Dierker
Her blog therein contains the thoughts of one American woman on Feminism, Liberalism, and her beloved Catholic Church. Blog topics include the Church Year, various saints including the virgin Mary, and life issues.

Chad is Not Enough by Chad Toney
Straightforward and humorous musings of a Catholic 20-something husband and dad.


Ancient and Future Catholic Podcast
This is our podcast, as recorded on the Paltalk venue. At this moment, we only have a handful of episodes. However, there are plans for production of more episodes in the future.

Catholic Speakers

Book Us For Your Speaking Engagement / Interview
Some of our contributors are now available for public speaking engagements, classes, and interviews. Please click the link above for more information.

Forum / Discussion

Ancient and Future Catholic Forum
This is your place to discuss anything and everything about Catholicism, Orthodoxy, or anything else related to religion. We have had almost a million visits to our forum since January 2006, so there are plenty of people ready to discuss religion with you!


Catholic Truth: Ancient Light for Modern Times (Paltalk Room)
Please join us for lively and charitable discussions about the Catholic faith. All are welcome. For more details, please visit our room page.


AFC Video (Coming Soon)
Plans are in the works to make some videos. Check back for updates.

All blogs and blog articles are (copyright) the original authors, and all rights pertaining to the articles belong to them. Blogs are personal material maintained, edited, and written as freelance material, linked to on account of the bloggers' affiliations with Ancient and Future Catholics. Ancient and Future Catholics and the editors do not "endorse" per se any blog in its entirety, but rather, we provide a forum for writings on Catholic and Orthodox thought.

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