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Dispelling Common Myths About the Catholic Faith

NEW Concern: Why Do Catholics Pray to Mary? by Jonathan Bennett (Catholic)
Some Christians hear Catholics praying to Mary, and it immediately seems wrong to pray to anybody besides God. Yet, as Jonathan points out, we pray to people all the time, asking them to pray for us, just as Catholics do with Mary. In this article, Jonathan explains why Catholics pray to Mary and other saints.

What About the Salvation of Protestants and Non-Catholics?
In some Christian denominations, only members are given the possibility of salvation. Some Christians suggest everybody gets to heaven, and that all religions are equally valid. What does the Catholic Church teach on this touchy matter? How can non-Christians be saved if Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life?" Can non-Catholics be saved if "outside the Church there is no salvation?"

What About the Virgin Mary? (A Brief Catechism on Mary)
Do Catholics and Orthodox worship Mary? Was she really a virgin her entire life? Is she God's mother? Why give Mary Such respect? We help dispel a few myths, as well as explain the basic catholic beliefs concerning the virgin Mary. This is done in a helpful Q and A format.

Why Do You Pray Using A Book?
Why would a good Christian need to say a prayer from a book? Don't true Christians only pray spontaneously? Does Satan laugh with delight at written prayers? Well, we all use some written forms, and written forms are not that bad after all. In fact using written prayers actually allows for more spontaneous prayer.

"I heard that Catholics Don't Believe The Bible..."
Often Catholics are accused of "not believing the Bible." Is this true? What does "believing the Bible" even mean? You'd better watch out. Catholic Bibles have extra books which are especially good for thumpin!

"Are You Liberal Catholics?"
Our name, Ancient and Future Catholics, may seem to imply that we are liberal Catholics. This article explains why the Catholic Church cannot be considered liberal in various usages of the term, but also why the Church is above earthly politics.

"Catholic Worship Isn't Exciting Enough!"
In our culture, something that is not exciting is usually discarded for the next best new thing. However, as Christians, perhaps we want something more than excitement...and this gets us excited

"You Sure Are at Church a Lot During Holy Week...How Strange!"
Sometimes going to Church more than once a week is strange, but "strange" is a value judgment, and depends on whom you ask. Ask the early Church and it is quite normal.

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