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The Octave of Christian Unity: Day Four (Jan. 21)


Rublev's Trinity icon Prayer Focus: Unity among all Christians, with a particular focus on Catholic and Orthodox relations, due to so many common beliefs and practices
Specific Request: All Christian laypersons

Daily Prayer
O Holy Spirit,
Lord and giver of all life,
You dwell among all those
who have been born again
in water and in Spirit.
Grant that all who have been
adopted as sons and daughters of the Father,
would join together in unity,
and work to bring all people,
into the kingdom of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
David Bennett

Other Devotional Activity: offer an activity and/or prayer(s) in petition for Orthodox-Catholic Unity (e.g. fasting, Hail Mary, Jesus Prayer, etc.).


Eastern and Western Reading
First Apology (chapters LXV-the end) by St. Justin Martyr

Note: Justin born in the East defended the Christian Faith in both Asia Minor and Rome, which is why there is one reading today. He is a Saint in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Practical Activity

For the Catholics, talk with your Orthodox layperson friends about your faith and learn more about theirs. For the Orthodox, talk with your lay Catholic friends on the same topics. If you don't know anyone, find a chat room or message board.