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The Octave of Christian Unity: Day Six (Jan. 23)


image of the holy Family

Prayer Focus: Unity among all Christians, with a particular focus on Catholic and Orthodox relations, due to so many common beliefs and practices
Specific Request: All Catholic and Orthodox dioceses and parishes, and other Christian dioceses and parishes

Daily Prayer
O God,
You are the friend of the human race
and You willed to grant us the gift of tongues
by which You once Divinely instructed Your Apostles
so that they might preach the Gospel.
Through the ministry of Your Holy Spirit,
grant that all people in all places and in all tongues,
may proclaim the glory of Your Son Jesus.
Confound the tongues of false prophets
who have united to construct
the impious tower of Babel
to obscure Your glory and enhance their own.
To You alone belongs all glory,
with Jesus Your Son our Lord
and the Holy Spirit,
for all ages. Amen.
Prayer for Unity of the Church by Erasmus from the New St. Joseph People's Prayer Book

Other Devotional Activity: offer an activity and/or prayer(s) in petition for Orthodox-Catholic Unity (e.g. fasting, Hail Mary, Jesus Prayer, etc.).


Eastern Reading
Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Western Reading
Roman Rite (Novus Ordo)

Practical Activity

The key to understanding the theology of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is in the practice of liturgy. Read the liturgies above and if possible attend a service that includes them. Remember to respect Eucharistic discipline of the parish you visit.

The image is an icon of the Holy Family, representing a pure loving family unit, one Christians are called to imitate.