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The Octave of Christian Unity: Day Eight (Jan. 25)


Icon of the Crucifix

Prayer Focus: Unity among all Christians, with a particular focus on Catholic and Orthodox relations, due to so many common beliefs and practices
Specific Request: All previous requests

Daily Prayer
In your great love,
you sent your only begotten Son,
not to condemn the world,
but so that the world might have abundant life.
It is only by being united in your eternal love
that we find true abundance.
Grant, we pray,
the strength and courage,
to overcome our divisions,
so that we may be a unified witness,
of your great love and mercy
throughout the whole world.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
David Bennett

Other Devotional Activity: offer an activity and/or prayer(s) in petition for Orthodox-Catholic Unity (e.g. fasting, Hail Mary, Jesus Prayer, etc.).


Western and Eastern Reading
John 17:20-26

Note: We've been providing writings different Saints and writers from the Orthodox and Catholic Churches throughout the octave. We want to end with the words of the one Lord Catholics and Orthodox share in his high-priestly prayer of John 17.

Practical Activity

To continue praying and working for the unity of all Christians, particularly Catholic and Orthodox Churches, which already share so much in common.