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Essays on the Catholic Faith That We Didn't Write

Please enjoy these articles. Unfortunately, some previous articles have been removed from the internet for a variety of reasons (sites going defunct, moving, etc), and we no longer link over to them.

Catholic Authors

Convert Provocateurs by Fr. Addison Hart
Besides perhaps pit bulls, very few creatures lack the malicious misguided zeal of some religious converts. A worsening problem is fundamentalist converts to either Catholicism or Orthodoxy bringing old fundamentalist patterns with them to their new-found faith. We are often left with fundamentalists who have a few icons or statues around, and who now employ more "churchy" terms. Fr. Addison pleads for much-needed restraint from converts, especially when converts start turning on those who should be some of their closest theological allies.

Evangelical Catholicism by Fr. Jay Scott Newman
Written by a Roman Catholic priest (a former Anglican I believe), these principles are a good summary of what it means to be both Catholic and Evangelical. These principles are simply amazing.

An Eastern Catholic Defends the Immaculate Conception by Daniel Joseph Barton
The Immaculate Conception is cited as a major division between Eastern and Western Christianity. Here, an Eastern Catholic explains his belief in the Immaculate Conception. Be sure to read every part.

Authors from Other Christian Communities

(These articles, although from authors not in communion with the Catholic Church, should be of interest to many Catholics, and do not teach contrary to the Catholic Faith. Remember, they are written in the context of non-Roman Catholic/Orthodox communities).

Go South Young Man, Go South by The Very Rev. Peter Moore
Moore, the dean of an Episcopal Seminary, discusses statistics that show that liberal Western Christianity (and its rational, individualistic, anti-traditional forms) is dying, and how the Christianity of the African and Asian South is growing by leaps and bounds. Moore has some interesting projected statistics about the influence of modernist Western Christianity in the future (hint: playing taps is appropriate). Note that while Moore is an Anglican, the same reality holds true for the Catholic Church, whose growth is exploding in Africa and Asia.

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