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Catholic Truth: Ancient Light for Modern Time (Paltalk Room)


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Some of these events made it to the Ancient and Future Catholics Podcast. Please stop by and have a listen to our new show! Our Feed:

Introduction to Our Paltalk Room

Paltalk is an online voice and text chat forum. It is a bit like an online conference center or gathering place. Last year Ancient and Future Catholics editor David Bennett opened the room along with his friend David Morrison and brother Jonathan Bennett. Currently the room is operated by Bennett, Bennett, Morrison, Chad Toney, and Jason Sims. We have used the room for future podcasts. This is why the conversations may be recorded.

To participate, please go to and download the Paltalk software. Once you have done that, choose a handle. Then you can log into the system. You will find a wide variety of rooms and discussions. Ours will be in the Christianity section. Find our room, click on it, and you will be able to participate (when we have it open). To fully participate you will need a microphone and speakers.

To see a map of our regular chatters, please check out our Catholics Building Bridges Frappr Map

This page and the events and podcasts are in development, thus they are currently in the "beta" stage of development.

Room Guidelines

Room Notice: This is a Catholic Discussion and Prayer Room, open to all. Admins will set/enforce rules. THE DISCUSSIONS IN THIS ROOM MAY BE RECORDED FOR PODCAST USE. ROOM IS OPEN MIC/OPEN TEXT. Visit for more information.

1. No causing trouble or bashing others. No trolling. Discussion and questions must be respectful and charitable. All people must be respected, even non-Christians.
2. Admins have the right to enforce rules and red-dot users at anytime
3. Conversations may be recorded for non-profit use. The room is an open microphone and open text chat room. We will do our best to notify you if we are recording that particular night, but we make no guarantees. If you do not wish to have anything you say recorded, please private message an admin, or else return on another night. If you choose to stay but do not want your voice recorded, understand that your participation may be limited for that night.
4. No pointless debating. If a conversation slips into a pointless debate where each side continues to reiterate the same points over and over, escalating in frustration, and quits listening to the other side, we have the right to end the conversation.
5. Please join us, and be ready to pray!

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