About Traci Hendrix

Traci, a Southern Baptist from birth, was born in small town Alabama where she learned the importance of communion and communication. She wanted to be "God's little girl" at age 4, and continued in the Faith since then. Teaching Sunday school at 13, she then began leading in many different aspects of the church. By 16, she had been in many roles, including youth council, Children's Sunday school teacher, Children's choir director, and several outreach ministry teams consisting mainly of adults. After an attempt of studying music education at the University of Montevallo, she changed her focus to counseling. Leadership roles at the Baptist Campus Ministry led to mission trips, educational retreats, and many other leadership possibilities. After she married Rob in 1995, she began knowing God had something more for her. She started understanding God wasn't stuck between " Holy Bible" and " Bonded Leather", as she'd heard so many times in the little country churches that formed the foundation of her beliefs. Sifting through Scripture, and through popular opinions, she and Rob came through many ideas and teachings before they realized their magnitude of spiritual misunderstanding.

Traci began seeking in different churches. She attended Southern Baptist, Church of God, Methodist, Presbyterian, General Pentecostal, and Assemblies of God churches. Though each one had a certain element, no one church signified a completion, nor did it have answers to her questions.

Traci found herself knowing " God's got more salt in the kitchen, I just have to make it through without being hurt" Or better said, God had a deeper understanding to which He beckoned. She began seeking online for information, and with the help of a group of " Motley Ancient and Future Believers", came to understand the importance of Church Tradition, Liturgy, and several other aspects which she'd not entertained. As she's allowed God to expose Truth, she's come to understand her lack of understanding.

Traci is currently seriously exploring the Eastern Orthodox Church and hopes to be chrismated very soon (which in God's time could be years).

" Never settle, until you have the whole Truth in your hand"

Email - tenderlovingchristian@hotmail.com
Communion Orthodox (in the process of becoming)
Current readings - The Orthodox Way, Lost Sayings of the Desert Mothers, Ante Nicene Fathers
Music Interests Classical, original composition, ancient church music
Other Interests Sewing, cross stitching, forgotten textile arts, outdoor sports
Areas of study Christian Counseling, Church History, Liturgical development.

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