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Goals and Mission

Ancient-Future.Net and ChurchYear.Net exist to help individuals of all denominations and perspectives better understand Catholic Teaching, Practice, Spirituality, and Morality. Thus we have information on the sacraments, the Bible, the Trinity, the Church Year, and much more. However, we believe that knowledge is not enough; we must be equipped to not only understand, but also live out, the Teachings of Christ in our lives. This is why parts of our sites are dedicated to engaging postmodern issues and controversies from a faithful Catholic perspective. Since many of our contributors are converts to the Catholic faith, a lot of our materials are written to help evangelicals and other Protestants better understand Catholicism. Through various media, we try to achieve these goals.

We try to make our materials engaging, faithful to Church Teaching, accurate, easy to understand, and charitable. Our articles are written for individuals at various levels of theological education, and while we primarily write for a popular audience, we have materials that will appeal to those of with a more advanced theological education. We hope you enjoy our materials, and ask that you contact us if you have questions.

About Us

We are:

Ancient- We believe in the teachings, doctrines, worship, ethics, morality, and practices of the Catholic Church. Catholic Tradition, derived from the Apostles, and having unfolded over time, is timeless Truth for all ages. As such, we embrace the full ancient and timeless teachings of the Church, and any teaching contrary to the Magisterium of the Church is purely unintentional.

Future- The Church, the body of Christ, operates within history, the cultures of today and tomorrow. Today we live in the postmodern age, and this is the age in which we must explain the Catholic faith. In this era that has seen the rise of secularism and atheism, we try to undertake the delicate task of effectively explaining the Catholic faith within our own time period, without sacrificing the Truth that Christ revealed to his Apostles.

Catholic- We are a part of the Catholic Church that transcends geography and time periods. We are part of the living historical community of Christians past and present. Recognizing that to be truly universal we must explore Eastern and Western rites of the Church Catholic, we proudly seek to include the Eastern Catholic perspective whenever possible. While we believe that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, we believe that Orthodox Christians, being true particular Churches with valid sacraments, are important partners in dialogue and ecumenical efforts. We seek to enter genuine dialogue with our Orthodox brothers and sisters, remaining true to Catholic Teaching, but working together in the ways that we are able based on our current separated status, striving toward a greater understanding between East and West. In this way we are responding to the our Lord's prayer that we may all be one.

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Our Staff and Contributors
Our contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring many talents to our ministry! Please visit their individual profiles.

Some of our contributors are available as Catholic Speakers for speaking engagements.


Frequently Asked Questions
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